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Company Profile
SHEAN(CANGZHOU)CORP LTD is specialized in manufacturing and selling full set of pipe fitting machinery, such as Induction Pipe Bending Machine, hydraulic elbow machine, pipe expanding machine, beveling machine, hydraulic press, tee forming machine etc.   SHEAN(CANGZHOU)CORP LTD has 5 senior engineers, 12 technicians, 80 logistics and workers, 8 international traders. The factory is located in the "pipe fitting  More
Product Case
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Technical knowledge
Advantages of Double power supply
Development history of Medium frequency ...
Advantages of Shean Induction Bender
Casting craft for mandrels and moulds
All Kinds Of Pipe Fittings
Pay attention to these points when induc...
Tee knowledge
Knowledge about pipe fitting
Difference between bends and elbows
Induction bender PLC control system
Carbon Steel Elbow  |   Butt Welded Elbow  |   MIM Coupling  |   Mesh Baskets  |   Cold Draw Tee machine  |   PLC bending machine  |   Elbow making machine  |   Hot Induction Elbow Machine  |   Bending Machine  |  
Product Category
KGPS Thyristor Medium Frequency Power Source
Medium Frequency Bending Machine
Quenching Converter
Anticorrosive Pipe
Electric Furnace
Circuit board
Medium Frequency Elbow Machine
Medium Frequency Pipe Expanding Machine
Cutting Machine
Nonstandard pipe
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