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Cangzhou traffic police build a civilized traffic foundation
Date:4/21/2014 5:18:24 PM Hits:

    Cangzhou traffic police in order to "prevent accident, keep smooth, and promote harmony" make

educationimportant position. hold fast to the school and driving school traffic education to develop

civilization. Cangzhou traffic police and education departments work together to make sure the city's 1743

medium schools implement the "one school one police" contracting Schools adhere to the every half

month hold a traffic civilization Safety theme class meeting, regularly invited a traffic police to teach the

teachers and students a traffic safety course.

    Cangzhou traffic police improve the driving school new students "four education". Pre-school education.

Carry out the education of traffic safety situation, strengthen the beginner Drive people sense of

responsibility. Science education. Major in traffic safety knowledge education and health care education.

The certificate before education. Mainly to carry out the professional ethics education and civilization

driving. Education and certification. Mainly to carry out the traffic safe driving and severe weather The

education and emergency disposal.

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