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India and other emerging markets lift anti-dumping investigation
Date:6/5/2012 5:41:01 PM Hits:

India and other emerging markets lift anti-dumping investigation

Recent, trade protection in some emerging market countries like india,argentina,turkey.etc present looked up of power.
China is the biggest victimized country of protectionist measures ,it is reported that total have 14 items trade protection measures against China export products.
Experts also suggested that ,emerging markets are becoming more and more important growth support of china export.In this context, we need more attention about trade protection which coming from emerging market .In the current background of downturn of the european and american market demand.Many enterprises have vigorously exploit the BRIC Countries,like Latin America and other emerging markets.
Shean(cangzhou)corp ltd take precautions,nearly two years actively explore India, Russia and other emerging Indian customers order a Four Cylinder Hot Forming Elbow Machine from my company.
Russia customers bought many sets of YKWT-350T Elbow cold forming pushing machine, all the equipment have got a good feedback and approval.
Hei Yan Group also do like this ,Through increase development efforts of Russian market ,sales our featured products which PLC Bending Machine to Russia. So that makes the strike which the anti-dumping investigation to the company is not big.
Although India and other emerging markets lifted the anti-dumping investigation to china.
but our company have opened the market in India, Russia, Brazil and other BRIC countries with the excellent products and advanced technology , also get strong support of masses customers,
I believe we shean (cangzhou) corp ltd is able to win the battle of anti-dumping.
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