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New putin times
Date:6/19/2012 6:42:09 PM Hits:

"New putin times" relationship between China and Russia will remain at a higher level

May,7,Mr Putin was sworn in as the new Russian President,Along with the Putin third in Moscow Kremlin and  Helm the Russian regime .the curtain of New putin times "also will officially open.Based on the relationship between China and Russia is now developing a good situation.

We have reason for expecting that in "new putin times" relations between the two countries is still able to maintain a high level of development.
In addition to the growing political mutual trust between the two countries, economic and trade cooperation is also developing steadily.In the recent ten years, the two countries continued to expand the depth and breadth of economic cooperation .at present.the products which russia export to our china.60% is the oil and oil products.China has become the largest oil buyers in the Area of Siberia and the far east .
Also chinese pipe fittings ,pipe fittings machines in Russia also sell very well.Russia customers order many sets of PLC Bending Machine from my company .
So we are going to set up a special Russian websites  ( fully opening the Russian market.I believe in such a good situation, in 2012 shean (cangzhou) corp LTD will create splendid future, more can obtain arrogant person's achievement.
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