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The steel price will keep in a low position
Date:5/6/2014 11:43:48 PM Hits:

Recent rebar and other steel prices overall trend weak finishing, steel prices are still hovering in

the low post. Professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing steel logistics

recently released the iron and steel industry the PMI index shows that the steel industry PMI for

march, April rally, at 52.6%, is sharply rebounded 8.4% last month, the first time since September

2013 regression expansion range, but the steel industry as a whole pattern is still not optimistic.

In the first quarter of this year by the China iron and steel association as "the most difficult in

the first quarter of iron and steel industry since entering the new century", the domestic large and

medium-sized steel enterprises loss of 2.329 billion yuan, by getting losses, compared to the

cumulative KuiSunMian was 45.45%. But among them, the large and medium-sized iron and steel

enterprises in March break even after profits of 530 million yuan, profitability. But note that the

steel industry in April PMI index is nearly 7 months since regression expansion for the first time

interval, finished goods inventory index is high and volatile, indicative of the late steel mill

capacity or speed up the release

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