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Advantages of Shean Induction Bender

 Advantages of Shean Induction Bender

Shean have manufacture induction bender since 1994, and now we have much experience on research and design such machine, and we input PLC system into our machine to achieve automatic production, following are advantages of our Induction Bender: 
1  Main body is strength and durable.
2  Underframe welded with structural steel and steel plate, and machine milling. Pushing 
plate using T type groove structure, travel smoothly. Under the push board with grey iron 
plate, wear-resisting. Have wear compensation regulating variable.
3  Bending radius is adjusted by cycloidal motor drive screw rod adjustment, convenient 
adjustment, high precision.
4  Hydraulic system uses frequency control, working speed stepless variable speed, 
convenient adjustment, improve the production efficiency, saving energy save electricity. 
According to the feeding speed control motor speed, adjust the fuel delivery accordingly, 
on-demand oil supply, hydraulic oil without high pressure unloading, the oil temperature not 
too high. 
5  Rocker arm uses the center boom structure, overcome the twist of rocker by bend moment, 
high bending precision, small rotating resistance, especially suitable for thin wall tube 
6  Medium frequency power supply adopts zero pressure startup mode, high success rate, high 
heating efficiency, low failure rate. Using control device, make power output stability: 
Input line voltage fluctuation ±15%, the system also can ensure constant power output. 
We Shean can make the elbow mandrel head, pipe expanding head, Tee mould, shaping mould, 
etc. We also make elbow machine, tee machine, pipe bending machine, hydraulic press and so 
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