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All Kinds Of Pipe Fittings

    The word of the pipe bender,everybody should have hear lot of times form each occasion. But , Can we

really understand the meaning of the pipe?such as:pipe fittings equipment,medium frequency power

supply, pipe expanding machine,Do you know what are they refer to ? Maybe not everybody  know.but if

we know these problems, and do not make certain it, we will miss a good chance. The equipment and

machinery like medium frequency power supply, pipe expanding machine all apply to industry. More

knowledge will make you view more widen,and there are no,we can not ignore to learn

more knowledge about the pipe.

There are all kinds of pipe fittings, Induction has the following kinds of main types:

1. Change diameter of pipe fitting,refer to the pipe end or a part of tube pipe diameter decrease.

2. Change wall thickness of pipe fitting, refer to the pipe length direction along the wall

thickness to change;

3. Change sections of pipe fitting, according to the requirements, will maken the round section change into

square, oval, polygon, etc;


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