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Development history of Medium frequency bending machine

The past manual type Medium frequency bending machine to hydraulic pipe bender semi-automatic pipe bending machine in recent years Single-head bending machine along with the development of the social sciences, developed CNC pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender bending pipe bending Angle need to manually do adjustment, manual feed type accuracy can not meet the requirements. And working efficiency also have big discount fee manpower. Now CNC pipe bender will change shape, its high efficiency, high precision, for pipe bend demanding market A very popular CNC pipe bender automatic pipe bending machine adopts CNC control system.

Some description about Medium frequency bending machine:
CNC pipe bender is the numerical control technology combined with traditional pipe bending process, and with the development of machine tool industry appeared.Its high degree of automation, high efficiency, suitable for rapid precise bending complex space curve.
We Shean make elbow machine, Medium frequency bending machine, pipe expanding machine, and all its mandrel head according to customer's requirements. We hope we can have cooperate with your company if you are in need of such machinery.
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