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Induction bender PLC control system

Induction bender PLC control system

We developed a set of automatic control system from year 1994 according to the bending process : - Put the required bend geometry size, bending radius, bend Angle and raw material Numbers, material, heating required temperature and a series of data into the computer, let the computer has automatic tracking control according to those data, complete the tube bending process, It has been declared as a patent.

1.Induction bender PLC control system,using far infrared thermometer, sampling with one point or multiple point, One point ensure reliable temperature rise, process clear display and monitoring temperature rise situation all times.

2.Automatic tracking control of Induction bender PLC control system: To realize that when high voltage in network, temperature quick rise correspondingly, so achieve fast hydraulic pushing speed; If low voltage in network, temperature rise is slow, hydraulic pushing speed is slow correspondingly, Forming closed cycle, keep relative balance.

3.Pipe bending process: The computer records pipe bending situation at all times. When bending angel of the pipe arrived in required place, the computer stop and alarm automatically, the whole data and image of bending process can be stored and printed.

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