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Pay attention to these points when induction bends welding

1. The bends sclerosing is big after welding, easy to crack. If using the same type of

induction bends welding, must have pre-heating with Tem above 300Deg and slow cooling

treatment after welding with T em around 700Deg. If cannot undertake the heat treatment

after welding, the medium frequency bend electrode should be chosen.

2.  Induction bends coated with titanium calcium type and low hydrogen type.Titanium

calcium type can be used for ac/dc, but when the ac welding penetration was relatively

shallow, at the same time easy to red, so using dc power supply as much as possible.

3.  In order to prevent the result of the heat corrosion between eyes, welding current

should not too big, electrode is about 20% less than carbon steel model, arc shoulds not be

too long, interlayer cold quickly, with narrow bead advisable.

4.  In order to improve the corrosion resistance, weldability and appropriately increased

moderate stability element Ti, Nb and Mo, weldability medium frequency bend after some

relatively. Using the same type of chromium stainless steel electrode, should have pre-

heating with Tem above 200Deg and around 800Deg tempering treatment after welding. If

cannot undertake the heat treatment, should choose chromium nickel stainless steel



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