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Hydraulic tube bending machine
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Hydraulic tube bending machine
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Hydraulic tube bending machine which can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender, etc. It is mainly used for power construction, the road railway construction, boiler, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc, with gas pipelines and repaired function.It is of multi-function, reasonable structure, simple operation etc. The machine apart from being a tube bending functions, but also can be used as oil cylinder hydraulic jack, compared to the CNC bending pipe equipment,it is with cheap price, easy to use. These features domain in  domestic bender.


Specifications of the Hydraulic tube bending machine that we do:

1. Production range: OD21mm-1420mm

2. Radius: 2.5D-10D

3. Thickness: 10mm-80mm

4. Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel

5. Drive type: Hydraulic, chain


Main features of the Hydraulic tube bending machine:

The machine adopts micro-computer control, has automatic control and manual control two operate ways.

Each work piece can process one to two work pieces in circle

Use the related accessories of the machine, it can bend different specifications type benders.

We also supply elbow machine,power source,tee machine,and so on

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